we are passionate about what we do.

I began my career at a time when the restructuring industry didn’t exist. Now, 25 years later, having worked with many distressed organizations across various industries, my partners and I formed Paladin because we have a real passion for helping companies in their time of greatest need.


We specialize in helping middle market companies increase profits, grow and build cohesive team cultures, create strong upside on ROI and achieving impactful results – from delivering operational improvement strategies to guiding a client through a restructuring process and everything in-between.

Our Approach - Working together, we rewrite the future.

At Paladin, we work closely with our clients across a range of industries, often acting as an extension of their company, completely immersing ourselves in their business, which is paramount to truly understanding, supporting and helping to bring value to their situation. We work together with clients to determine areas of improvement and help companies clear the obstacles to growth in the shortest possible time.


Some of our clients want us to be in and out in 3 weeks - some have more challenging problems they’d like us to solve. Whatever the situation, we build partnerships with our clients, we listen to their needs and establish a strategic plan formulated to rewriting their future.


Helping clients maximize their company's value and achieve long-term, sustainable results is what Paladin is about. How may we help you?

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